Gowrie railway station

Coordinates: 37°42′03″S 144°57′32″E / 37.7007°S 144.9588°E / -37.7007; 144.9588
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PTV commuter rail station
Northbound view of Platform 2, November 2006
General information
LocationSages Road,
Fawkner, Victoria 3060
City of Merri-bek
Coordinates37°42′03″S 144°57′32″E / 37.7007°S 144.9588°E / -37.7007; 144.9588
Owned byVicTrack
Operated byMetro Trains
Distance14.73 kilometres from
Southern Cross
Platforms2 (1 island)
ConnectionsList of bus routes in Melbourne Bus
Structure typeGround
Bicycle facilitiesYes
AccessibleYes—step-free access
Other information
StatusOperational, premium station
Station codeGOW
Fare zoneMyki Zone 2
WebsitePublic Transport Victoria
Opened17 May 1965; 58 years ago (1965-05-17)
ElectrifiedAugust 1959 (1500 V DC overhead)
Previous namesRail Motor Stopping Place No. 21
2006–2007167,907[1]Increase 13.87%
2007–2008196,189[1]Increase 16.84%
2008–2009230,169[2]Increase 17.32%
2009–2010237,516[2]Increase 3.19%
2010–2011234,647[2]Decrease 1.2%
2011–2012229,491[2]Decrease 2.19%
2012–2013Not measured[2]
2013–2014168,174[2]Decrease 26.71%
2014–2015196,805[1]Increase 17.02%
2015–2016255,167[2]Increase 29.65%
2016–2017263,233[2]Increase 3.16%
2017–2018250,202[2]Decrease 4.95%
2018–2019321,300[2]Increase 28.4%
2019–2020258,500[2]Decrease 19.55%
2020–2021112,050[2]Decrease 56.7%
2021–2022153,350[3]Increase 36.85%
Preceding station Railways in Melbourne Metro Trains Following station
Fawkner Upfield line Upfield
Track layout
Box Forest Road

Gowrie railway station is located on the Upfield line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the northern Melbourne suburb of Fawkner and opened on 17 May 1965.[4][5]



On 16 October 1928, after the reinstatement of a passenger service on the FawknerSomerton line in March of that year, Rail Motor Stopping Place No. 21 opened at the site of the present Gowrie station.[4] It was closed nn 5 May 1956, when the passenger service ceased.[4]


On 17 May 1965, Gowrie station opened in its current form, on what was by then the Upfield line.[4][5] The name of the station derives from a former grazing property called Gowrie Park, which the owner named after Gowrie, in the UK.[6][7][8] The Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park is located on part of the former property.[6]

Just after 4:45am on 2 August 1977, a seven-car Harris train set rolled away from the station when the driver and guard were changing ends, having taken the train out of a siding, prior to operating a city-bound service from Upfield.[9][10][11] The train passed through fifteen level crossings and destroyed seven sets of hand gates before stopping just after Brunswick, between the Albert and Dawson Streets level crossings.[10][9][11]

In 1998, Gowrie was upgraded to a premium station.[12] Also in that year, the track from Fawkner to Gowrie was duplicated and boom barriers were provided at the Box Forest Road level crossing, in the down direction from the station.[13] Immediately north of the station, the double track merges into a single track, which continues to the terminus at Upfield.[4] Prior to 1998, Platform 1 was a dock platform for terminating trains,[14] which meant that trains could not pass each other there, but had to do so further down the line at Merlynston.

Under the 2013 PTV Network Development Plan, the line between Gowrie and Upfield was to be duplicated, and the line to Roxburgh Park reinstated. That was to include a flyover across the North East standard gauge line, to allow Seymour V/Line services to run via Upfield, and eventual electrification of the line to Wallan.[15]

Platforms and services[edit]

Gowrie has one island platform with two faces. It is served by Upfield line trains.[16]

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Transport links[edit]

Broadmeadows Bus Service operates two routes via Gowrie station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:

  •  530 : Campbellfield Plaza Shopping Centre – Coburg[17]
  •  531 : Upfield stationNorth Coburg[18]

Dysons operates one bus route to and from Gowrie station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:

Ventura Bus Lines operates one route to and from Gowrie station, under contract to Public Transport Victoria:


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